¥1999 RMB Package Details

Package Price ¥1999 RMB, Pay 75% upfront (¥1499 RMB) to get started.

Pay the balance amount ¥900 RMB before you get final package or any source file.

2 Designers Include:

2 LOGO Designers

The first draft will be sent in 2 days Once your order info and payment have been received

We work 7 days a week!

Choose from 5 custom designed logo samples

If you have own idea please let us know in order form

Redraw: Totally new logo design concept other than first draft. This package include 2 redraws

Revision: Make changes to the existing logos (From first draft or redraw),
Include: Change color, Change font, Change graphic position etc.

We will not limit the number of colors, Same price for single colored or full colored logo design

Black / White Logo Version: Except colored logo version, we also provide a special logo version include
only black and white color. This version can be used in low-cost printing environment or as watermark etc.

Vector Editable Source Files:

Adobe Illustrator (AI)*

Coral Draw (CDR)*

High-Res Bitmap Files for Printing:

TIFF 300dpi*

PSD 300 dpi*

Bitmap Files for Web:

JPEG 150 dpi

GIF/PNG 150 dpi*

*Transparent Background

Almost all commercial printing companies use these file types to produce professional quality printing
results. If you need some other format, please let us know and we'll be happy to deliver them along with
your logo package at no additional cost.

We keep the file indefinitely! If you need a copy please contact us at info@Logo-Design.cn and we will email
you a copy

We guarantee your full satisfaction before you pay the balance payment.

Please note: The project shall be deemed to be complete once the final package has been sent,
And we will not provide further revision / redraw after that.

Send order today, Get first draft logo design on:

All prices are quoted by RMB.
The payment can be made online by Alipay
/ Wechat or by Wire Transfer.

About ¥1999 RMB Package

Simply LOGO! Created specially for small and home businesses with very limited budget. For as low as ¥1999 RMB, you can get 5 numbers of professionally designed logo concepts for your business within 2 days, In addition, you are entitled for 2 redraws and unlimited revisions on your preferred concept, in Logo China | Logo-Design.cn, we promised a satisfaction guarantee, totally risk-free!

Once you have confirmed the final logo concept, the drawing will be given to you in both web and printable ready format. Meantime, the intellectual property rights of the logo will be automatically transferred to you, so you are free to use it anywhere.

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